Montalcino’s reputation for winemaking precedes it, but the region also makes the most exquisite honey.
The beehives at Castiglion del Bosco are nestled in the 2,000 hectares comprising the estate and reflect the disversity of plant life in the woodland and fields here. An all-natural approach is taken to protect the bees and cold pressing ensures that the honey’s nutritional and organoleptic properties remain intact.

We produce two different kind of honey: Millefioriwildflowers – and clover. Both of them are available in three different packaging: 300 g, 150 g and 40g.

A complex honey from a nutritional point of view, rich in B Group vitamins (mainly B1, B2 and B6), amino acids, mineral salts and pollen, which in turn contains numerous vitamins.

A honey rich in sugar that releases instantly expandable energy, ideal for sportspeople and for those in need of energy after a period of convalescence. It also contains depurative properties and contributes to bone calcium due to its protein levels.