Our Philosophy

Our aim is to produce exceptional wines that our soil enables us to make, distinctive wines of great integrity that are more rooted in the land, more complex and more enduring thanks to this type of viticulture.

Cecilia Leoneschi, winemaker

Intimate knowledge of the vineyard

At Castiglion del Bosco we have a team of individuals who knows every inch of the estate’s vineyards, who observes them every day and works in a diversified way according to the needs of each single vine. This attention to detail has resulted in the finest wine and a strong sense of terroir.

Organic vineyard management

In line with the low-intervention philosophy of natural viticulture, the use of machinery is minimal and work is restricted. In 2016 we obtained the certification for organic vineyard management, which for us it has never been the end goal; it is simply the best way to obtain the balance required in a natural vineyard.

Natural selection and harvest by hand

The great attention in the vineyard management results in a natural selection of the grapes. In fact, the plants are able to give equal resources to both production and vegetation, thus producing the perfect amount of grapes, that uniformly reaches full ripening. Grapes are gathered by hand and placed in aerated 15 kg boxes.

The winery

Our winery is a modern and functional building, that extends across two floors and is perfectly at one with the hill slope, almost hidden amidst the poplar and beech trees. Up-to-date technology is used to enhance the quality of grapes that come from the vineyard.


The grapes are transferred by gravity into 60-100 quintal tanks, in which fermentation takes place separately according to the various vineyard lots. Natural fermentation at controlled temperature maintains the aromas in the wine, yielding the space needed by the native yeast to add character.


The ageing process takes place in French oak casks and barriques in the controlled-temperature semi-underground area. It then continues with bottle refinement for between 6 and 36 months before release to market.