Grappa del Drago

Distilled from the pomace of the Sangiovese grapes that produce our Brunello single-vineyard Campo del Drago, Grappa del Drago appears an intense amber hue and releases pungent notes of smooth vanilla, black liquorice, and tobacco leaf. On the palate it is smooth, soft-textured, and intense, with just a hint of sweetness. Aromatic vanilla and tobacco leaf make the aftertaste quite armonic.

Distillation: The fresh pomace is sent, in an oxygen-free environment, to Giovi an artisanal Sicilian distiller. The grappa is distilled according to the traditional method of a single-batch pot still, whose slow, gradual extraction ensures the preservation of the grapes’ finest qualities.
Maturation: 5 years in French oak, that have been previously used to age the Brunello di Montalcino Campo del Drago.
Production: 800 bottles, 500ml size

Grappa del Drago


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