The 2023 vintage was characterized by a peculiar weather pattern, marked by rainfall during the spring and most of the summer. These conditions favored an exceptional vegetative expression of the vines, highlighting the plants’ ability to respond positively to climatic conditions.

However, phytosanitary pressure (mold risk) remained high throughout the season, requiring constant attention from our vintners. Thanks to their expertise, they masterfully managed the complexities of the vintage through continuous interventions on the vegetation, using corroborants to strengthen the plants’ natural defenses.

The result of this careful management was a vintage with a linear profile, slightly earlier than in previous years. Quantitatively, there was a 15 to 20 percent penalty. The harvest began with the L’America vineyard on September 14th and ended with the Campo Del Drago vineyard on October 3rd. Cru Gauggiole was harvested on September 23rd, and the Deimassi vineyard on September 29th.

The harvested grapes, despite the difficulties from a phytosanitary point of view caused by the weather, show excellent acidity and moderate alcohol content. Balanced wines, rich in fine aromas and freshness, extremely contemporary.

Despite the difficulties faced, we expect to obtain high quality wines thanks to the commitment and dedication in managing such a challenging vintage, as well as the privileged geographic location and terroir characteristics of Castiglion del Bosco’s vineyards.