Harvest 2021

Castiglion del Bosco, Montalcino

2021 was a year that saw very particular weather patterns, which ultimately encouraged the growth of high-quality grapes that will eventually be reflected in the wine.

Spring and summer temperatures remained below average, allowing the gradual development of complex aromas, resulting in a broad and delicate bouquet. In order to preserve this aromatic complexity during the vinification process, we lowered fermentation temperatures and minimised contact with oxygen.

The summer drought was well compensated by abundant rainfall in May, which allowed the plants to maintain a good state of hydration, resulting in homogeneous veraison and ripening. The water balance, especially in the rocky soils of the Capanna vineyards, was maintained by deep root systems.

The summer was abruptly interrupted at the end of August with afternoon thunderstorms for a few days, followed by a cool and sunny period. This climate was a real blessing, allowing optimal polyphenolic ripening just before harvest thanks to a large diurnal range of up to 10°C.

From a climatic point of view, the month of September was superb: warm and sunny during the day, and cooler nights.

The harvest began during the first week of September for young vines and had ended in the highest vineyards of Capanna by the first week of October. It is a year of strong aromatic richness and excellent development of colour.  We will have lively wines, very classic with a good acidity, encouraging longevity in the wines.


A Tenuta Prima Pietra, Riparbella

Tenuta Prima Pietra stood out from the Tuscan Coast and from Riparbella itself, thanks to the particular soil; abundant in fossils and ferrous clay. The ceaseless sea breezes and the temperatures ranging from day to night are crucial for the aromas as well as for the slow and gradual ripening of the grapes: which is guarantee of a perfectly balanced wine.

Vegetative growth was slightly delayed by the cool spring climate, while veraison and ensuing ripening was fairly even, thanks to the few but well-distributed summer rainfalls. The vines have maintained a good vitality and the maturation was in line with the previous vintages – a classic vintage at Tenuta Prima Pietra.

In mid-September we started to harvest our Merlot grapes. The average weight of the grapes confirmed that the vines did not suffer the lack of water during ripening and were well-hydrated, with excellent development of colour and exceptional acidity.

For Cabernet Franc, we waited patiently for the complete ripening that arrived on the cool and sunny days of late September. Boasting balsamic notes, spices, and, richness, the Cabernet Franc has an outstanding potential, supported by a decidedly low pH.

Cabernet Sauvignon was characterised by a low pH and its typical varietal aroma: black fruit notes of black currant and hints of green bell pepper. Harvested at the beginning of October, it is rich and harmonious, with excellent balance.