The third artwork “Chardonnay Inspires”

We have come to the third final artist and artwork featured in the “Chardonnay Inspires” campaign, launched to promote the recycling of wine bottles. We asked three international artists to give us their own artistic interpretation of our Chardonnay bottle, creating something that could be used in everyday life.

If you missed the first two artworks, don’t worry: here you can meet Redic and his “Mosaic Wine Vase” and by clicking here you will discover Wang Zhi Yi and his symbolic creation.

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Chardonnay Inspires 3/3: the artist

Born in 1986, Wang Haoming comes from a fashion background. Having graduated from Beijing Garment Institute in 2009, he moved to Shanghai to work for ZUCZUG, one of the city’s leading independent fashion houses.

In 2017, the artist launched his own brand, WHM, and his creations have since received much media coverage in China.

Wang Haoming presents his artwork: “Water Bottle Holder

For the collection: Chardonnay Inspires

“I was very much intrigued by the choice of Castiglion del Bosco to replace the traditional cork stopper with the innovative Vinolok © glass stopper, turning the wine bottle into a reusable vessel. This reminded me of the bamboo woven glass shell commonly seen in my home at the end of the last century. Therefore, I used a large red wool strip to knit a “coat” around the bottle, with a useful handle to carry it. In my creations I always start from materials, I always try to be innovative but practical at the same time. The wool fabric used in this artwork has a structural beauty and can also protect the bottle from bumps.” – Wang Haoming