The second artwork of “Chardonnay Inspires”

Today we introduce the second artist and artwork chosen for “Chardonnay Inspires” – the campaign aimed at promoting recycling through presenting three artistic interpretations of the Castiglion del Bosco Chardonnay bottle, and the iconic rabbit represented on its label.

Discover here the first artist and artwork, and stay tuned for the final interpretation.

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Chardonnay Inspires 2/3: the artist

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Redic is a multi-disciplinary artist who works with mixed media assemblage, and has experience working on art installation projects, public performances, and collaborative commissions. The artist has been featured in numerous international publications, such as AD Magazine, ARTSY Magazine, Time Out, Global Times, BBC World News; and he even earned the praise of international art critic, Ciara Ferguson. Redic’s art is all about recycling waste from the cities.

Redic presents its artwork: “The Mosaic Wine Vase”

For the collection: Chardonnay Inspires

A consistent element in Redic’s art is the use of reclaimed mirrors. The artist believes this gives the viewers an opportunity for self-reflection while viewing themselves as living works of art within the artwork.

“While transforming the bottle into a flower vase, it also allows the viewer to bring nature’s art and beauty into their home in a functional yet original way. The Mosaic Wine Vase allows viewers to reflect on the wonderful times of having dinners and a glass of Chardonnay with loved ones.” – Redic