At Castiglion del Bosco

The 2020 harvest at Castiglion del Bosco was characterized by a dry winter, with below-average rainfall, but we recovered widely in May, which was quite cool and rainy. This helped the plants in their first vegetative phase. This year’s harvest is distinguished by a particularly hot and dry summer – 64 days without precipitation – that could ease the fatigue of the plants, challenged already by water scarcity and the high temperatures of the central hours of the day.

A first precipitation arrived at the end of August, which was essential to start evaluating and observing the ripening of the grapes. From this moment, however, the temperatures did not drop and there was not enough thermal excursion between day and night to hold back the ripening process. The first harvesting operations began on September 3rd, selecting “sacrificial” grapes that were below our qualitative standards. This allowed the remaining bunches to benefit from the sunny and fresh days of early September, and the young vines were kept healthy.

The Harvest at Castiglion del Bosco began in the first half of September with the Gauggiole vineyard (lower altitude) and ended in the second half of the month with the Campo del Drago vineyard (higher altitude).

The clusters were straggly, and the berries were medium to small sizes. The absence of water during summer has kept the acinus berries intact with a thick and crunchy skin; great colouring intensities, good tannic maturation and excellent acidity.

Wines lie ahead to be fragrant and fresh with medium aging potential.

Enologa, Cecilia Leoneschi – Montalcino, 1 ottobre 2020