Report Vendemmia 2017

The 2017 harvest took place slightly earlier than usual due to the high levels of drought throughout the spring and summer. On the other hand, the harvest began with a positive ?delay? compared to the average start time of other Montalcino producers.

We started the harvest on September 10, focusing on the grapes in the youngest Capanna vineyards and some areas of Gauggiole, which had suffered the most water stress.

The best grapes, destined for Brunello crus Campo del Drago, Zodiac and Millecento, were picked in the last week in September, therefore 6-7 days earlier than average for Castiglion del Bosco, but later than the average for all other producers.

Our decision to postpone the harvest compared to other producers, particularly for the Capanna Brunello vineyards, allowed us to reap the rewards of the rain and lower temperatures in early September.

With the arrival of the autumn, the vines were able to reach phenolic maturity, making the most of the lower nitght-tile temperatures. On the contrary, the sugar content remained within average levels, without overdeveloping. This too is thanks to the rain, which eliminated the risk of the grapes overripening and drying.

In terms of quantity we lost approximately 30% of grapes due to a reduced eight of the grapes, which accumulated less liquidi in the summer. We are very happy with the quality of the grapes, however. During the harvest we found skins rich in color and primary aromas, mature and well structured tannins.

In essence, we look forward to well-balanced, elegant and enduring wines.

Winemaker, Cecilia Leoneschi – Montalcino, September 27, 2017