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Capanna is The Vineyard of the estate, a single parcel of 42 hectares that winds along the ridge of the hill like an enormous, supply-flowing river of green. It faces southwest, at elevations that begin at 350 metres and reach 460. The vineyard, registered exclusively to Brunello production, is sub-divided into separate parcels, beginning with the top of the hill, which is called Campo del Drago, and extending down to the foot of the slope. The soils in the uppermost areas are marked by an abundance of rock, "a compact, gravelly mass," explains winemaker Cecilia Leoneschi, "that, combined with scarce groundwater reserves, forces the vine to push its roots down deep." Here the vine-rows are most exposed to the wind, which is the predominant characteristic of this vineyard, and most subject to wide day-night temperature swings. As one descends the slope, the character of the rock changes, with the central swath composed largely of galestro, while rock-studded clay schists predominate still farther down.",